Bypass NAT without UPnP or Port Forwarding using Tor

2017-09-09 13:01 Tor, Administration, Networking

Have you ever needed to get applications running on a computer at home, available over the internet? I have several times, an SVN server, Chat Server, FTP server, testing HTTPd, SSH for my Raspberry Pi, just to name a few. The problem I have always face was configuring the router (or routers in most cases) to forward requests appropriately. And if I forgot to create an IP reservation for each device, come reboot time none of the configuration worked. It was a headache. Tor can actually fix this for us. While normally used for anonymity, it has some other cool features. Tor Hidden Service to be exact.

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AutoMates - a browser automation utility

I have started another project. I know, i have way more irons in the fire than I can possibly handle. But this one is a good one, and deserves the attention. Browser Automation, tends to be used for testing, automating repetitive tasks, and all sorts of SPAMMING. I will let you're imagine decide how this tool can be used.

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Diadosi: new architecture. Goodbye Python?

2017-04-03 17:38 Python, Diadosi, Microservices

I have been experiencing some rather significant irritation and frustration with python, here lately. While the syntax and language features are unparalleled by other languages (except maybe, Nim Lang?), there are things about it that just irk me. GIL, threading isn't real, dependencies & required compiler toolchain, slow execution speed, etc.

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Olymporian: The Linux Game Jam 2017

2017-03-28 15:49 Olymporian, GameDev, Pascal, 4X Game

Olymporian 4X ScreenshotI stumbled upon The Linux Game Jam 2017 just in time to enter it the day it was starting. It gave me a really good excuse to work on a game that I had been wanting to start for a couple years now. The only real requirement for the Jam was it had to run on linux. Browser, JVM, Native, etc. As long as you could start it without using Wine. I chose to develop my game in Pascal using the ZenGL library to get some basic stuff out of the way.

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Charset vs Character Encoding

Charset and Character Encoding has always tripped me up in C#, Python, and some other languages. I really didn't have a firm grasp of what someone meant when they said charset or encoding, and worse interchangeably. I decided, it was time for me to wrap my head around the two and really understand them. I discovered most programmers are in the same boat as me.

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