Creating a Widget Based layout and design engine.

I want to have a unified experience developing website front-ends. The layout, style (design), and the UI code (Javascript). Normally this would have 3 different languages which all work together to create the final result. I want a single language designed specifically to handle all three responsibilities.

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Gamma Lang: Module System

Following my previous post concerning the new programming language I am working on, I think I should actually start talking about some of the specific language features and the implementation. This post will focus on the Module System, and how including code from other files works.

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Gamma Lang: Introduction

Starting a new project is always an exciting time for me. In fact, it is so exciting, I normally stop my projects before they are anywhere near completion, to start a new project; sometimes the new project is a replacement for the current unfinished project. This project is no exception, however I have been really good for the last 4 months, to not switch projects. I have been working on this website platform for about 4 months now, and a game engine project for about 2 months. Now it is about time to start a new project ;) or, at least normally. This time however I am not working on either, but both at the same time, via Gamma Programming Language.

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LudumDare 34 Compo Game Entry

2016-01-24 07:07 ld34, ludum dare

Well, I have done it. I have finally completed a game for LudumDare. It is a super simple fishing simulator game made in GameMaker Studio. This time there was a tie between Growing and 2 Button Control. I chose to use the 2 Button Control theme, as one theme is enough for me.

Master Baiting: Fishing Simulator

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Validating email addresses exist. (Part 1)

2016-01-23 23:07 Email, SMTP, Data Validation, PHP

Validation that data typed into a webpage is formatted as an email address is certainly a great start, but shouldn't be the only validation on an email address before you save it into your database. I think we can do one better than a simple or complex Regular Expression (regex). Some people might say "Just make a validation email part of the signup process." And, that isn't a bad idea at all, I just want something a little more interactive or immediate and to not even accept the data into my database unless it has been validated. There are a couple of ways that we might go about this, while I will mention a few ideas; I will only explore one in detail and with code.

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