AutoMates - a browser automation utility

I have started another project. I know, i have way more irons in the fire than I can possibly handle. But this one is a good one, and deserves the attention. Browser Automation, tends to be used for testing, automating repetitive tasks, and all sorts of SPAMMING. I will let you're imagine decide how this tool can be used.

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An Affair with Adobe Muse

2017-08-28 18:04 Adobe Muse, Web Design, Project

Wow, Adobe Muse has a great community following it. Passionate entrepreneurs, adding website design to their service offerings. The main business of most of the community is to provide Marketing, Branding, Design, and more to Small to Medium sized local establishments. I find Muse both Powerful and Limiting at the same time. Being a software engineer and able to hand code a website from nothing, using only Notepad++ or the like, it is amazing to see the Design Process. While the Design features are crazy cool, it is missing the Dynamic features most business owners need.

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Diadosi & QLisp for website data.

2016-05-30 11:16 QLisp, Diadosi, CMS, Project

After some time working on the initial Diadosi platform and develping my own LispVM for allowing quering of data out of Diadosi, I decided to start over (sort of).

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