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Let’s be honest, most technology today is not enjoyable; we have over engineered everything.

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Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Being a software engineer for over a decade, I have learned to appreciate simple solutions to complex problems. I like writing about these problems and solutions as time permits. There is a good chance I would be interested in helping you or your company, develop such solutions.

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Digital Marketing

Over the last few years I have become rather interested in Digital Marketing. The ability to raise awareness and attract attention to nearly anyone in the world. Simply by interacting and publishing on the internet. The advances in marketing that can be made with a little technical “know how” are amazing. I don’t claim to be a marketing expert, but I can apply my engineering knowledge to creating and advancing marketing for you or your company.

Marketing Online
Digital Marketing

Technology & Marketing: How To's

I always enjoy helping people when they are willing. Most of the time I learn a few things along the way too. I record different issues and solutions about Marketing & Technology on this site. Hopefully you will find them useful.


Cheat Sheets

I often find the need to have quick references for certain programming, marketing, or server administration tasks. Such as an ASCII Chart, ANSI C Memory function list, Linux Administration Commands, etc.

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